Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy

Business Courses for the Artist | taught by Dave Nevue
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Dave Nevue
Dave Nevue

About the Instructor

Dave Nevue is a Professional Graphite Artist and the founder and CEO of Nevue Fine Art Marketing. He also authored the eBook The Productive Artist How to Live Your Dreams and The 28 Day Blogging Challenge for Visual Artists along with other top-selling art marketing books.

Dave has been selling his art online for over 15 years as well as coaching musicians and artists for over twenty-five years and his mission is to help every creative person live their dreams.

Graphite Drawing by Dave Nevue

Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy Course

8 Modules

  • Defining Niche Marketing
  • What is your Specialty?
  • Identify your Ideal Customer
  • How to Find Your Target Audience
  • Google Analytics
  • What is Your Target Audience Searching For?
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Niche Marketing Strategy

Each module will contain a PDF that you can download and videos that will help you develop a niche marketing strategy.

Worksheets and logs will be available for download.

As an artist you will need to stand out of the crowd. Developing a niche marketing strategy you will separate yourself from all of the other artists that are showcasing their art online. Find and market to your ideal collectors, the people that are interested in purchasing your artwork. You will be able to be more productive with your marketing strategies allowing you to spend more time doing what you love, creating art.

This course will teach you everything that you will need know to be able to develop a marketing plan that will work.

If you would like to build an online art business, you will not want to miss this course.

Course Contents

9 Videos
12 PDFs
6.0 hrs