How to Open an Etsy Store Tutorial

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Warren Steel

Warren Steel
Dave Nevue
Dave Nevue

About the Instructor

Dave Nevue is a Professional Graphite Artist and the founder and CEO of Nevue Fine Art Marketing. He also authored the eBook The Productive Artist How to Live Your Dreams, and The 28 Day Blogging Challenge for Visual Artists.

Dave has been coaching musicians and artists for over twenty-five years. 

His mission is to help everyone live their dreams.

How to Open an Etsy Store Tutorial

Starting an Etsy Store can be intimidating and confusing, I wanted to make it an easy process for you so you can start selling your artwork. There are 6 videos that will go over everything from start to finish. I will walk you through step by step. There is also a PDF that you can download and print with some extra valuable information.

Video 1 Intro with PDF

Video 2 Shop Preference Page

Video 3 Name Your Shop

Video 4 Add Items to Your Store

Video 5 Select a Payment Method

Video 6 Set up Billing

Open Your Store

Course Contents

6 Videos
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

How to Open an Etsy Store Tutorial Intro
Name Your Shop
Add Item To Your Store
Select a Payment Method
Set up Billing